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Turf Aeration Service

Air2Turf is a family business created in 2019 to offer aeration on turf surfaces using Air2G2 technology. In that time, we have worked at 80 different venues, including Golf Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Sporting Clubs, Schools and local government councils.

We also offer other services such as gardening, turfing, top dressing, contract mowing and line marking.

We currently are the only contractor offering Air2G2 aeration in Queensland.

Our Air2G2 machine injects the soil two times.

The first air injection is at 150mm, breaking up the compaction layer of the soil. The second injection of air is deeper at up to 300mm. This promotes deeper and healthier roots.

Palmer Coolum Golf Course - Sunshine Coast turf aeration

Why should your turf be aerated?

Grass needs space below ground to take in air, nutrients and water. Your turf roots need to ‘breathe’.

Aerating your lawn or turf and allows it to breathe. Aerating also helps to protect your lawn against a lot of common problems due to compaction:


  • Relieve compaction
  • Improve drainage
  • Improve soil porosity
  • Improved root growth
  • Improved microbial activity
turf-aeration service - Air2Turf Sunshine-Coast Queensland